House to House Distribution

Your Local Dragon directories are delivered to local households in North West Wales all year round.  By delivering through letterboxes, house-to-house, you can be assured that your message will reach the heart of each community.

We also have a small number of selected pick up points in each area, to target visitors and local business owners, but these numbers aren’t included in our household distribution figures.

Facts & figures:

  • 4 – We cover ‘county/regions’- Anglesey, Gwynedd, The Orme and The Bay
  • 6 – The number of times we deliver Local Dragon in every one of our North Wales areas
  • 8 – The minimum number of weeks your advert lasts.
  • 14 – local areas to choose from – you can choose  just 1 or 2 – or more!
  • 72 – Different postcode sectors we deliver to, within 14 areas
  • 416,000- Almost half a MILLION directories delivered per year!!

Your Local Dragon directories offer you the best possible advertising to local households in North Wales.

We operate six regular distributions per year with each geographic area being made up of thousands of  households and we deliver to approx 85% of all households within 14 local areas. Each household gets a new directory delivered approx every 8 weeks.

We are the only directory in the region to offer you this type of quality distribution, all year round, so that your potential customers can easily find your number exactly when they need it.

Simply select your own local area plus as few or as many of the others that you prefer –  call us and ask for our current discount offer!

  • What our customers say about Your Local Dragon...

    Month after month we have proof that Your Local Dragon works…
    Claire Roberts
    Claire Roberts
    The Kitchen & Bathroom Studio
    Really pleased with the service and the high volume of leads. Excellent results & very good service.
    Leigh Nash
    Leigh Nash
    LR Nash Windows Ltd
    People can find our number just when they need it.
    Rebecca Rushton
    Rebecca Rushton
    Log on Fires Ltd