Local Magazine Advertising in Flintshire

Welcome to Local Dragon’s Magazine Advertising Service in the towns & villages of Flintshire

Local Dragon’s Flintshire magazine is delivered to thousands of homes in Flintshire and Deeside.

In Flintshire, as well as variable house to house distributions within local towns and villages, the advertising directories are also available for residents to pick them ups from a number of local high footfall outlets

Magazine Distribution in Flintshire

Available to residents in or near:

  • Flint
  • Holywell
  • Greenfield
  • Connah’s Quay
  • Queensferry
  • Deeside
  • Ewloe
  • Hawarden
  • Buckley
  • Broughton

plus other nearby villages…

By using a combination of selected house to house plus high footfall outlet distribution we offer local business owners a unique and effective way to target their local audience. Due to their location, some households don’t always get access to local publications, but they can still pick Local Dragon up whilst shopping. This is great for our advertisers because it reaches people who don’t normally get lots of local information delivered through their letterboxes.

Our household delivery routes vary slightly each time in order that more properties get access to this popular local directory throughout the year. With it being a directory-style magazine people tend to keep hold of it until they get a new one.

Why Choose Local Dragon for Your Local Magazine Advertising in Flintshire?

Strong Understanding of The Region: Our business has been helping local businesses for over 13 years in North Wales. We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with issues affecting our local economy and how things impact on small local businesses across the region. Our expertise in local marketing means we can are better placed to help your business to communicate with your potential customers. This is important whether you are a local trader offering your services to householders or you run a cafe, a shop or even if you’re planning a community event.

Targeted Reach: If you want to effectively target your specific target market please get in touch because we can help. We are passionate about what we do. We always try to keep things simple so that your message sticks! Getting your key messages across in a simple way is an art form and our team have been perfecting that art for many years.

Paper advertising has become the best way for businesses can stand out from the crowded market. People take more notice of a brand or a message that’s ‘real’ and tactile. Just look around at the bigger brands who use paper advertising for that very reason!

Local Dragon gives you access to householders in towns & villages across Flintshire from Holywell to Broughton

Please Note: we don’t deliver to residents in and around Mold because there is another excellent publication already delivering in that town.

Get Started with Local Dragon’s Local Magazine Advertising Service Today!

If you want better brand awareness for your business, with local advertising in Flintshire contact Local Dragon today! We’d love to help! Magazines like ours can really help your business to stand out at a time it needs it most. We can create your advertisement so that your business is more likely to be noticed by local people and they’ll either call you directly or pop into your premises or look on your facebook page to find out more about what you offer. We focus on giving you local branding in order to attract better, stronger enquiries. Don’t hesitate to contact us for local advertising! 

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