A few things you might be wondering about…

How often do the directories go out?

Our directories are distributed within a 6-7 week distribution cycle covering two calendar months, targeting households six times per year thanks to our hardworking GPS tracked teams

What if I advertise in more than one Magazine?

If you choose 3 magazines it’s 33% off all three, which is the equivalent of Buy 2 get 1 free. Visit our Advertise With Us page to check out our prices.

What's the minimum booking I can make?

Because we do a bulk print run, that covers 6 whole weeks of deliveries, the minimum booking we offer is two consecutive months. We invoice each bulk print run in 2 x monthly instalments per print & delivery campaign. Two monthly payments cover all the print and distribution over each 2 month publication cycle. Most advertisers choose to advertise for 6 or 12 months in order to benefit from lower prices and all year round results. The most popular choice is a quarter page on a 6 month booking.

How many homes do you deliver to?

We currently print 5 separate hyper local publications. Each publication targets local residents within a group of towns & villages that are reasonably easy to access for local trades & services to travel to / for local clients to visit your premises. When you place an advert in all 5 Your Local Dragon publications, over each 2 month campaign your brand is seen by over 150,000 readers from Holyhead and Caernarvon, across North Wales, Flintshire and into the Cheshire borders including Whitby and Ellesmere Port. Each individual hyper local publication boasts a local geographic adult readership of over 30,000 per distribution run. We don’t spread one publication far and wide across a whole country – we keep your brand local if that’s best for you. The print run for each of the 5 geographic publication is 16,500 copies per distribution campaign delivered to 82,500 household properties over all 5 areas. Our surveys have shown that door to door delivery yields better results than pick up. Our targeted readership includes all those who have a copy delivered to their home PLUS readers who can pick up a copy from a small number of local businesses.

GPS Tracked & Self Select

In Anglesey/Gwynedd and Conwy county (2 regions) our own team of mature GPS tracked delivery people deliver to households plus a small distribution of displays in local businesses. In Denbighshire, Flintshire and Chester/Ellesmere we use a professional house to house distribution company who use GPS tracking to monitor their distribution team.

How can I be sure that the directories will be delivered?

It’s in our companies best interest to ensure as many copies of the publications we print are actually being used by the public. The physical books are the end product of two months of hard work by our expert team, so we are super-duper-crazy about making sure we do our upmost to ensure the copies we print aren’t wasted! GPS Tracking lets us know where and when our teams are delivering. This gives us a high level of quality control so that you can be sure that the directories are being distributed exactly when & where they should be. Many of our distributors are keen walkers and use their Local Dragon deliveries as part of their fitness regime! They get paid to keep fit! We contract them to deliver to household addresses within the postcode sectors we choose. We also have a highly respected, professional distribution company looking after our deliveries in Denbighshire, Flintshire, and around Chester & Ellesmere Port. A small percentage of copies are placed in local business premise and these are monitored so that if there happen to be any left overs, they get placed into other business outlets to ensure minimum wastage, but this rarely happens because our directories are so popular!

How do I know which size advert is right for my business?

Choosing the correct advert size depends on your average sale value (ROI), your budget and your business type. We recommend looking at the most affordable long term option. A smaller advert running for longer is usually more sustainable and tends to work much better in the long run than a short term or ‘one off’ bigger advert.

  • 1/8th Page Advert (6cm wide x 4.5cm tall) is suitable for a small business wanting to have their contact details handy month after month over the long term such as a ‘One Man Band’ tradesman
  • A Quarter Page Ad (6cm wide x 9cm tall) is great for someone who is self-employed or maybe employs one other person, who needs to attract enough regular enquiries to maintain their small business.
  • A Half Page Ad (12.5cm wide x 9cm tall) is ideal for a small business with regular client retention- such as a beautician or restaurant- or who offer services such as carpet supply & fit, or garden landscaper who wants exposure in the area because they employ staff and they want a relatively high response rate.
  • A Full Page Ad (12.5cm wide x 19cm tall) is great for a medium business wanting high exposure or for businesses with high transaction values such as kitchen installers, builders, and double glazing services.
  • Prime Pages (Back, Inside Front & Back , Pages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 11 and Centre Pages) are for giving your business high exposure and excellent brand recognition. We tend to switch advert places to give people equal changes for front half, back half, but if you specifically want your advert to always run on a specific page there is an additional cost to reserve it.
  • Right Hand Page We tend to switch advert places to give people equal changes for Right Hand/Left Hand placements but if you specifically want your advert to always run on a RH page there is an additional cost.

How much is it?

We offer various packages and sizes and our staff are given a limited number of ‘7 day discounts’ that they can offer from time to time. Please visit our Advertise With Us page for details or call 01248 511218 to discuss your individual requirements.

I don't know how to make an advert- can you help?

Don’t worry we can create your advert FREE! If you don’t have a logo or any idea about what to put on an advert. We’ve been designing effective adverts for many years so we can design a great advert for you! We proof it to you and you check it and approve it before it goes to print.

As long as you provide your correct email address we’ll send it to you for approval.

We know how people use our publications and how to create adverts that work specifically within our magazines. After you’ve booked your advert the design is included in the price. You can send us your business card or give us precise details if you prefer – or you can simply guide us to your website or Facebook page, and we’ll do the rest! We might just need you to send an image or two if you’ve chosen a larger sized advert.

How do I pay for my advert, and what are the payment terms?

Our advertised rates assume you set up an automatic direct debit which is set up at the time of booking. This reduces paperwork and makes life easier all round. In special circumstances we can arrange for card, bank transfer or cheques but there may be an additional admin charge if ever your payment is delayed.

Our standard payment terms are 7 days from the invoice date. We charge for late payments. (July 2024)

These are just a few of the most common things people ask us and we know this website may not cover exactly what you wanted to know about our services. We’re friendly dragons, so just give us a call or drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you…