Local Magazine Advertising in Chester

Welcome to the Local Dragon Magazine Advertising Service for Saltney, Chester and Ellesmere Port

Local Dragon’s Saltney, Chester & Ellesmere magazine is delivered and made available for local residents in Chester plus nearby towns and villages

We offer a selected house to house distribution to homes in villages near the towns of Saltney, Chester and Ellesmere Port, with the addition of eye-catching ‘pick up’ displays in a number of local high footfall outlets

Magazine Distribution in Chester, Saltney and Ellesmere Port

One publication that covers Saltney, Chester and Ellesmere Port and nearby villages including:

  • Chester
  • Saltney incl Westminster Park & Curzon Park
  • Handbridge
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Whitby
  • Upton
  • Boughton
  • Overpool
  • Vicars Cross and other villages

We mainly hand-deliver magazines via selected house to house deliveries, as well as copies being available to pick up from a number of high footfall outlets. This type of unique combination distribution means that information about the goods and services offered by local businesses reaches local residents very effectively.

The Local Dragon household delivery routes are varied every 2 months. This enables more households have access to the local businesses who advertise with us. As a local directory, unlike standard magazine style publications, householders keep hold of their Local Dragon until they get their next one.

Why Choose Local Dragon for Local Magazine Advertising in Chester?

Strong Understanding of The Region: The Local Dragon team have been successfully helping local business owners to promote their business services to local residents since 2011. Our aim is to help your business to be one that attracts the best enquiries and customers. The issues affecting our local economy are really important. We can help your business to communicate with your potential customers through regular advertising that works. We’ve helped local trades, restaurants, venues, cafes, shops and local attractions to engage with their local market, helping to build trust in your company even before they buy and encouraging householders to remember your brand.

Targeted Reach: Keep it simple. We do this so that your message sticks! Your businesses can stand out from the crowded market when you choose to advertise in a magazine or directory style publication. People are more likely to remember a brand or a message that’s ‘real’ and tactile.

Within the magazine being available in the wider area covering Saltney, Chester and Ellesmere Port, if your base is within this area the Local Dragon directory promotes your business to householders within reasonable travel time of your business.

Get Started with Local Dragon’s Local Magazine Advertising Service Today!

If you want better brand awareness for your business, with local advertising in Chester contact Local Dragon today! Local Dragon can help your business to stand out because we can create your advertisement in a way that your business gets seen locally. When you regularly promote your local brandi you are far more likely to attract better, stronger local enquiries. Don’t hesitate to contact us for local advertising! 

Phone:  01248 511218 | Email: directory@yourlocaldragon.com