Hello, we are Jared Pegler and Andrea Monteith…

After working together in the design, print, and magazine marketing industry for a number of years, in May 2011 we created our first “Your Local Dragon Directories”.

Small beginnings

It all began on Anglesey in May 2011.

At the time no one was offering a high quality, regular house- to-house letterbox delivery services for local businesses on Anglesey. Local trades, services and businesses desperately needed to get themselves out of the doldrums after the financial crisis, and we felt that really locally targeted advertising would help. At the 2011 census when we first started the magazines, there were 29,400 households in Anglesey, with 68% of those being owner occupied. So we decided to launch three different “directory style” magazines in different parts of Anglesey, inviting local businesses to use our magazines to advertise their products and services. We had both been involved with a ‘public pick up’ magazine in the past, and felt it would be far better – with less wastage – to hand deliver our new publications, doing our best to target owner occupied properties wherever we could. This would bring maximum effectiveness for many of our new advertisers who were tradespeople offering maintenance and repairs on domestic properties.

Not only did we put together the magazines we also delivered them door to door ourselves, with help from family members. (Thank you!!)

The response from the home owners was really positive and our advertisers started to get calls straight away.

What advertisers and residents say about us…

  • Green Cross LandscapingLandscaping Services

    Thank you for the ad. Good value and it brings results - which is what really matters!

  • Zero Dry TimeCarpet Cleaning

    I get calls all year round and notice the Local Dragon books in lots of the houses I visit.

  • WO RobertsPlastering & Decorating

    Happy with my advert. It works well for me. Excellent service.

No sooner had we finished our first door to door delivery campaign our advertisers were asking if we could also deliver to houses in some of the smaller rural villages of Anglesey. Although these tiny villages were difficult to deliver to it meant we were reaching over 50% of the owner occupied houses on Anglesey, which we continue to do to this day.

It didn’t stop there!

Within a year, businesses from Bangor, Caernarfon and Llanfairfechan were asking when were we going to launch a similar magazine for them. We decided to deliver to even more households with one large regional publication, offering even better advertising opportunities for local businesses – and that’s when things really took off!

People Love Your Local Dragon

Connecting communities whilst
helping & supporting local businesses…

Handy * Useful * Popular

Ten years down the line, due to continuous demand from businesses and householders, we now deliver Local Dragon Directories to a total of over 164,500 different households with our North Wales magazines (6 titles) and our Cheshire magazines (3 titles) That’s 9 different regional titles. We also provide free advert design, free online publications and free online directory listings with every advert. Advertising in just one of our individual publications, whether in North Wales or in Cheshire, works extremely well for small to medium sized businesses. For those who want to grow and spread their wings, or if you offer higher value services, when you choose multiple Local Dragon publications you’ll get even higher response levels!

If you talk to our advertisers they’ll tell you they love what we do because they get such good responses from our magazines, year after year.

People love Local Dragon
People love Local Dragon

Give us a call and have a chat with one of our team. They’ll ask you questions about your business and help you to choose the best option for your requirements. We offer you high volume door to door advertising in North Wales Magazines and Cheshire magazines that works, and we’d love you to try out our services for yourself. However if we feel your product or service is very niche and might not get the results we normally expect, we’ll let you know, so you can make a fully informed choice. You can select to target households in any of our NINE regions covered by our North Wales Magazines and Cheshire magazines, from as far west as Bontnewydd in Gwynedd, in towns and villages along the A55 and around the Cheshire/North Wales border.


Angela – Advertising Sales and Admin – Anglesey, Gwynedd & Conwy – North Wales Magazines 01248 511218

Gaynor – Advertising Sales – Conwy, Denbighshire & Flintshire – North Wales magazines- 01745 289398

Jane – Advertising Sales – Conwy, Denbighshire & Flintshire – North Wales magazines – 01745 289398

Sarah – Advertising Sales – Cheshire magazines & Flintshire magazines – 0151 558 0554

Heather – Advertising Sales – Cheshire magazines & North Wales magazines – 0151 558 0554 & 01745 289398


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