We take the scary bits out of creating your advert

All you have to do is tell us your main message or wording, either over the phone or by email and if you don’t have a logo or picture to add, don’t worry! We can sort these out for you. If you do have a logo & pictures you can just email or post them to us and we’ll do all the rest. However, if you are a whizz on the computer and you fancy having a go yourself that’s no problem….

Here are the advert sizes:

  • Eighth Page – 6cm wide x 4.2cm tall
  • Quarter Page – 6cm wide x 9cm tall
  • Half Page – 12.5cm wide x 9cm tall
  • Full Page – 12.5cm wide x 19cm tall

If you have your own Graphic Designer, or you create professional print-ready artwork yourself, you can supply it to us as a Hi Resolution Pdf, Jpg or Tiff. Because we use professional publishing software we cannot open Microsoft Publisher files. If you use this type of software you will need to turn your artwork file into a hi resolution pdf.

Local Dragon Advert Sizes