Barack Obama and Business

Barack Obama – a message for business owners 

Two sentences within the President of America’s  acceptance speech delivered an important message –  especially for all business owners.

“It’s never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us – together …’

Why is this message so important for business owners?

Shops on Holyhead high street, Anglesey
Small businesses get on with it – working harder and smarter

Because people who are self employed & run their own business are DIFFERENT to most people. When things aren’t working we don’t wait, we don’t carry on doing the same as we’ve always done, and simply hope for the best.

And we don’t ask for handouts – we get on with it, we take action & we work harder & smarter.

If something isn’t working we try something different to find out what does work. We find people who can help us. We change things. We give up weekends, holidays – we do whatever it takes.

We take action.

It’s the people who are self- employed, people who run small businesses who can rebuild the economy – and we will. That’s what being in business is about. Rebuilding the micro economy for our family, which spreads out to our community and the country.

“This happened because of you”  The most popular tweet -EVER!!

Barack Obama was re-elected because enough people who support him took action.

Business owners take action every day, and improve things for everyone.

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