Do business people stop working at Easter…?

Are you in control?

We can’t control the weather, but Bank Holidays give us a chance to relax with the family. Or maybe not. If Easter is a time for most people to have their first holiday/break of the year, what’s it like for you?

If you’re a small business owner some of your holiday weekend will probably be spent trying to catch up on paperwork, or worrying & scratching your head, trying to think of ways to get more customers.

Easter Eggs
Enjoy your Easter Eggs!

When you decided to run your own business you probably wanted more control of your life…  It’s not always quite like that, is it?  🙁

If a steady flow of more new & repeat customers would give you more control of your time, your finances and your Easter Holidays, do feel free to give us a call. You see, advertising in Your Local Dragon would be a step in the right direction for helping you to regain control and enjoy your next Bank Holiday.

We’re a small business ourselves, and we pride ourselves on making life easy for other small business owners. People who haven’t advertised with us before are amazed how easy it is to work with us to set up an advert. And even more amazed how well it works for them

So you stay in control.

We live in a beautiful place so be sure to give yourself some time to Enjoy your Easter Holiday!

Feel free to contact us, to find out how to advertise alongside some of the best businesses on Anglesey and Gwynedd in Your Local Dragon.

We’ll help you to achieve your goals!!

For enquiries please phone 01407 860821 or E:

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Feel free to give us a call or email us today,  because being in Your Local Dragon can really help your business.







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