How to Enjoy networking!

How to enjoy networking your business.

Many business owners feel a little uncomfortable or awkward when attending their first networking event – or even their fiftieth!

Some people never overcome that reluctance but here are a few little tips that might help.

  • Go with a friend.
  • Be on time – not too early & not late.
  • Act, Feel, Become – hiding your nerves will often help them to disappear.
  • Listen! The easiest way to connect with someone is to listen to what they say.
  • Put the date in your diary as an appointment – so you can’t ‘forget’ about it.
  • Just do it! If you never face your awkwardness it will always be there.
  • Prepare – and remember, you know more about YOUR business than most other people.
  •  Make the effort! Most business owners don’t network at all – but those who do are usually rewarded by more enquiries and better business relationships.

I hope these tips help a little – and if you come along to a Dragon Trade and Business Club event we’ll do our best to make you feel it’s been worth it!

Our Speed Networking events are intended to help improve business on Anglesey, Bangor and North Wales.

Business people meeting for the first time
Networking at our events is good for local trade
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