The busiest January in years

“It’s already the busiest January we’ve had in years!!”

Tree in winter - hecking trees for storm damage
Tree in winter- Damage to trees, fences, roofs and sheds has meant more calls to local handymen. joiners and roofers

Thats been the message we’ve been getting from many of our regular advertising clients. So what’s different this year?

  1.  Every cloud has a silver lining – although we don’t like wind and rain, the damage and havoc from the recent storms have meant an increase in the need for tree surgeons, roofers, handymen, joiners, heating engineers,  plumbers and electricians…the list goes on!
  2. Theres definitely a change in the local economy, and people are more willing to invest in their property with the housing market really starting to move.
  3. Handy directories – like Local Dragon – help to put property maintenance and using local tradespeople to the front of people’s minds.

If you know a local tradesperson, hairdresser, restaurant or other business owner who might like to know more about advertising with us please share this post to their facebook page, or ask them to Contact Us for more details.

Thank you!

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