Proof Reading Your Advert

It’s  like a jigsaw…We’re just fitting all the adverts into the six area directories  and filling the last minute spaces before publication.

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It’s the busiest time of our process but we still find time to check everyone has approved their revisions and artwork, so we can be sure they’re going to be happy with their adverts.

Proof Reading your Advert- 3 things to double check:

When you send your details for an advert to go into a publication be sure they agree to send you a proof to read before it goes to print. Be sure to check:

1) The phone number /email/address is correct

2) It will be readable at the printed size

3) Your advert is easy to understand  & gives a clear message


Most publications will assume you are happy with the artwork if you don’t get back to them in good time. So try to let them know you are happy with your advert or if you have any amendments within 2 days of receiving artwork, so they have time to put things right. If you don’t get back to them they may assume all is well and could print your advert with an error.

We’ll be double-checking everyone has got back to us today and tomorrow….

Busy busy!! Bye for now…

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