Stress free Christmas shopping

Stress free Christmas shopping sounds like a myth. Usually it’s a last minute crazy rush for me. I always intend to be organised and ready for Christmas but in all honesty, I can’t remember a single year I actually was. 
The Local Dragon New Year directories have gone to print already, so I’ve a glimmer of a chance to be more organised than usual – although I still have a lot to do!
I was out very early this morning buying the first of my Christmas presents, and very happy to see so many people supporting our independent local shops. Lots of nice goodies from Menai Bridge and Bangor today. Then I finished off my first little Christmas shopping trip with a gentle walk in the December sunshine on Bangor Pier.

An Elf in a Christmas Shop Window
An Elf in a Christmas Shop Window

Take Time Out

At this time of year try to take some time out. It’s often difficult to give ourselves a few moments to stand back from the Christmas preparations. It can take just minutes to recharge your batteries – especially when you live in the beautiful surroundings of North Wales.

So take some time out to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back about  what you’ve already achieved rather than only worrying about what you’ve still got to do.. (note to self – do this more often!!)
Today, the snow peppered mountains in the distance glistened in the December sunshine. And at the end of the pier I enjoyed a warm drink with a delicious cake for elevenses…
this was truly stress free Christmas shopping.
Ticking things off your list is so theraputic.

View from Bangor Pier
View from Bangor Pier of snow peppered mountains

So I’m feeling even better now that some of the presents are bought and wrapped, and I hope your shopping trips prove to be as enjoyable as this one,