Happy Bank Holiday! Gŵyl Banc Hapus!

Just as it says… BANK holiday! Gŵyl BANC!

Although not for us Local Dragons! We may allow ourselves a Saturday Afternoon, or a Sunday morning off… But the rest of the time we will be eagerly at it, doing what we do, making sure all is running smoothly with those handy directories that are starting to appear everywhere! Everything has to be on top form to make sure that it is easy for you (the customer) to find, at the turn of a page, the business or service you need; and that you (the advertiser) is given the best opportunities to reach those people who need your business or service… Simple when you put it like that isn’t it! And now, things are growing as we expand into three new areas in June… good eh?

So stay tuned, keep it local and let us know via Twitter or Facebook how the handy Local Dragon Directories are working for you!

Happy Bank Holiday / Gŵyl Bank Hapus!

Andrea, Jared & staff

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