Blizzard conditions in North Wales

Dragon wearing hat and scarf in snow
Snowy Weather Dragon

Don’t get caught up in the snow. 

It looks like we’re set to have quite a few days of intense cold, snow, gales and sleet so remember to be well prepared when going on any journeys, and please take a moment to check on vulnerable & elderly neighbours if you can…

If you’re at home and can’t get out in this bad weather, keep warm with hot soups and plenty of warm drinks

In this cold weather things can break down. If your boiler isn’t working, or you’re having trouble with your fire, drainage or electrics give one of the Local Dragon plumbers, drain technicians, electricians or chimney sweeps a quick call – they may be able to give you some advice over the phone before they come out to you.

Having trouble with your car or had an ice bump? Call one of the Local Dragon garages and they may be able to help.

People love using their Local Dragon directory because it’s full of useful trades and services

Keep safe,
Your Local Dragon