How do we deliver so many in North Wales!!

Lots of people ask us how do we deliver so many of our handy Local Dragon directories to households in North Wales?
It’s a lot of work, but our little directories help to connect people within local communities, towns and villages across North Wales so that they are more likely to shop local and use local trades and services.

Masses of organisation is needed to deliver the advertising directories to 70,000 households efficiently, and the local people across North Wales who help us to get the directories through those letterboxes really do a fantastic job.

Firstly an articulated lorry unloads the pallets of directories at our unit. Our team then move all the packets of directories into allocated sections within our storage unit.
Once the packets are all in place, the distribution manager puts a label onto each packet so they’ll be dispatched to the correct distributors. We then have to take them to our team across North Wales so that they can start to deliver them to individual households.
All of the areas start to get their directories during the same 4-5 weeks of our cycle.
As I write this, we are currently in the middle of delivering the directories out to all our distributors. It involves a lot of loading and unloading of boxes and loads of driving, because our team are dotted around all over North Wales. From the Llyn, to Prestatyn, to Holyhead and everywhere in between!!

Some distributors start their deliveries from the very day they receive the booklets from us, and others wait ’til the weekend to get started. At any time, we have 20-30 distributors across the whole region. They’ll all have made a start on their routes within about 10 days of us getting the directories from the printers.

It takes more than 700 hours of walking to hand-deliver the directories through letterboxes across the whole region, and most distributors prefer to chunk their deliveries into a maximum of 4 hours of walking per day because the work is very physical.
All our distributors are mature people who love walking – and it’s just as well because they do a LOT!

So in brief:
1) Our directories arrive from a printer based in Wales
2) we move & store the directories into our storage unit
3) they’re checked and labelled for our distributors
4) we deliver them to our distribution team
5) it takes over 700 hours of walking to deliver all the directories
6) all our delivery people live in North Wales
7) they deliver to letterboxes across North Wales in chunks of 3-4 hour walking routes


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