Birthday Celebrations – 10 years of helping local businesses!

In May 2011 ago the first ever “Local Dragon’ directories were delivered to homes in Anglesey.

For over 10 years Local Dragon we’ve been promoting trades and services to householders across North Wales.
Within a few months of the first magazine being delivered it was clear that this was going to do a whole lot of good for local trades and services, so we started increasing the number of homes we delivered to.

Back then we hand delivered all the books through letterboxes ourselves. It was really hard work!
We now have around 30 part time delivery people across North West Wales – and Royal Mail – all helping to deliver our magazines to householders.

Supporting the Local Economy

During the past ten years Your Local Dragon have done whatever we can to support the local economy. A high percentage of the advertising revenue we generate stays local because this helps our local economy.
For example, our dedicated team of GPS tracked ‘house to house’ distributors deliver to homes across North West Wales and are based in North Wales, and we create & print the magazine in Wales.
Local Dragon support and encourage self-employed people and local business owners wherever we can. We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Every year, Local Dragon also support a number of small local charities and organisations and in the past few years we’ve donated laptops to schools, supported Wales Air Ambulance, donated to two local foodbanks and various small charities, and we’ve sponsored a number of sports clubs.

We’ve won an F2N Award for Leadership and more recently the SME News awarded us their “Resilience Award 2021” for the support we’ve offered to local businesses during the crazy covid year of 2020/21.

Our Team

Our team are highly qualified in Business Development, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Customer Services, Sales & Account Support. We also use technology to offer an efficient and professional service to local advertisers.
If you’d like to know more about Your Local Dragon please ring 01248 511218 or Contact Us