House to House Distribution

We reach the heart of the local community with the best local magazine distribution.

We believe that distribution is the most important part of any magazine or newspaper advertising campaign. That’s why Your Local Dragon directories are hand delivered to local households all year round.  Our own team of experienced and mature distributors hand deliver the magazines through letterboxes, in towns and villages near you, and across other areas of North West Wales.

Additionally, we  deliver to a small number of selected pick up points for visitors and local business owners to use. However, these additional magazines aren’t included in our household distribution figures.

Facts & figures:

  • 2 – Sections – for our best prices we offer 2 x 35,000 household sections. Contact us for details
  • 4 –  Regions – we deliver across 4 counties or regions. Anglesey, Gwynedd, The Orme and The Bay
  • 6  – Months – you’re planning to be in business for the long term!  So we offer lower prices for 6 or 12 month bookings.
  • 8 – Every 8 Weeks. Most households get a new magazine/directory approx every eight weeks
  • 28 – Cover options. If you want to make a big impact why not choose a cover for great doormat & coffee table appeal!  Click Here For Details
  • 160 – Towns and Villages. We deliver to houses in over 160 towns and villages across North Wales.
  • 5,000 – The number of individual households we deliver to per Dragon “area”
  • 420,000 – This is how many directories our dedicated team of local people deliver to houses each year!!

Your Local Dragon directories offer you the best possible advertising to local households in North Wales.

We operate regular distributions throughout the year and we deliver to 5,000 households per area, within 14 different local areas to choose from. Each household gets a new directory delivered approx every 8 weeks and when you keep your advert running, you can make changes your advert or your booking every 2 months.

We are the only directory in North Wales to offer you such high quality distribution all year round in so many towns and villages, and when you advertise with us you can be assured that your potential customers can easily find your number exactly when they need it.

Select your own local area to get more local enquiries & reduce your travel time.

When you add some surrounding areas too we can offer you a discount or even an extra area FREE –  call 01248 511218 for details!

  • What our customers say about Your Local Dragon...

    Month after month we have proof that Your Local Dragon works…
    Claire Roberts
    Claire Roberts
    The Kitchen & Bathroom Studio
    Really pleased with the service and the high volume of leads. Excellent results & very good service.
    Leigh Nash
    Leigh Nash
    LR Nash Windows Ltd
    People can find our number just when they need it.
    Rebecca Rushton
    Rebecca Rushton
    Log on Fires Ltd