Improving enquiry rates – answerphones

When you’re a one man band and self employed, you simply can’t be doing everything – always.

So when someone phones you and you’re on a roof, or in the middle of colouring someone’s hair, it’s not possible to answer the phone to an inbound enquiry.

Most people don’t like speaking to answerphones, but they’re more likely to when they hear a simple short message on your phone – in your own voice.  They hear a ‘real’ person, and they know they’ve probably dialed the right number!

It sounds simple, but many small businesses loose new customers before they even speak to them, just because of the lack of a simple personalised message that costs nothing more to their business than a few minutes getting the recording correct to set it up.

Advertising your business in a Your Local Dragon directory is only the start of getting new customers from Anglesey and the Bangor area – making sure you have a good way to collect inbound enquiries is an essential part of the mix.

If you’ve not got an answerphone on both your landline AND your mobile phone already – do it today!!