Does having 2 Bank Holidays in May help your business?

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Making the Most of Bank Holidays

Did you know that Bank Holidays have been with us since 1881?

In 1971 it was decided that The Whitsun bank holiday, which could fall anywhere between 11 May and 14 June, would be formally replaced by a fixed spring holiday on the last Monday in May. With also having the May Day Bank Holiday at the beginning of May, the 2 Bank Holidays can result in either a strain or an increase in your business profits.

Here’s how to make sure it’s to your gain:

Prepare well

If you’re a non-tourism business this might mean boosting your business to gain more sales/jobs in the 2 months before May. Make a note on your calender to remind you to send out flyers, advertise and do more networking during February March and April next year!

If your business relies on tourism, be sure you ‘weatherproof’ your sales as much as possible. Can you offer indoor as well as outdoor facilities? Or can you create  ‘add on’s’ to your business that will attract people whatever the weather?


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Relax & encourage those light bulb moments!

Great ideas tend to come to us more when we’re relaxed. These can include ways of making savings, finding ways to get new customers, and increasing the services you offer. it has been shown time and time again that small changes in your working practice may  improve profits by 10,20 or even 30% – but usually we’re always so busy working that the ideas for change don’t come to us! Ideas happen when your head has time to catch up with itself and is uncluttered. So if you’re a non tourism business, give yourself permission to have a little break from running your business this Bank Holiday. Lightbulb moments can be nurtured!

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