Choices- where do we spend our money?

Making savings in your business is like walking a tightrope…

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Whitehall departments being asked to save 10% –   What have they been doing up to now?

Most of us have already have honed our business spending! You’ll know that making spending cuts means making choices that won’t upset your customers or undermine your services….

So what would YOU do if someone came along and said you have to cut your business spending by another 10%?
Well, getting creative with spending cuts can actually IMPROVE your working practices and services.

Here are a few simple areas to consider,  that may have slipped past you …

  • Fuel reduction – By making simple change to their routes, delivery company UPS saved over 10 million gallons of fuel over a 6 year period!! How? Simply planning your journeys to avoid right hand turns  reduces fuel consumption and saves you time – and it all adds up! 
  • Use the correct person for a job – Trying to do everything yourself can be counterproductive on savings. Tasks such as driving, cleaning, and accounts can be done by others.  YOU need to work mostly on the very tasks that will bring growth within your business.
  • Banking charges –  Often businesses are put on a ‘one size fits all’ basic Business Banking package. Ask your bank to outline the very BEST package they can offer for your type of business banking, and try to negotiate extensions to free banking periods if possible.

Your Local Dragon directories help local people to find local businesses. This means not only do our advertisers spend less time spent traveling from job to job, they can also reduce their annual fuel consumption because more of their jobs are closer to home.

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