Home Improvement Projects

New Patio?

Super Sizzling weather but the garden’s  still not sorted…

Bee on Lavender
Are you buzzing with ideas to improve your home?

If you’re anything like me, the brilliant weather has you wishing you’d got someone in to organise the garden in April so you could relax in it on days like today.

The hot weather can help you to appreciate your home, or find fault with it!

Many people start planning to improve their property, by adding an extra room, converting their garage or getting new windows and doors.

Whatever your plans, when you decide to take action look through the index of Your Local Dragon to find some of the best trades and services in the area!

In the meantime – Enjoy the sunshine!

If you run a local business and would like help to get more enquiries call 01407 860821 or 07834 183 590. We’re here to help!

When you advertise in Your Local Dragon your advert is delivered by hand to homes  across Anglesey, and the Bangor and Conwy areas


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