Home Improvement Projects

New Patio? Super Sizzling weather but the garden’s  still not sorted… If you’re anything like me, the brilliant weather has you wishing you’d got someone in to organise the garden in April so you could relax in it on days like today. The hot weather can help you to appreciate your home, or find fault… Continue reading Home Improvement Projects

Snow causes disruption to Business

What do you do when snow stops business? When you own your own business being forced to take unplanned time out because of snowy weather can cause havoc to time schedules, cash flow, customer service and productivity. If you have a retail business or a catering business it can be especially devastating. Customers stay at… Continue reading Snow causes disruption to Business

Anglesey Weather – does it affect business?

A beautiful sunny day on Anglesey – does the weather make a difference to your business? Throughout the year, the reasons for the ups and downs for calls, sales or jobs, can often be forgotten. Especially if it’s the weather that brought in – or prevented – the calls. As a roofer or a tree… Continue reading Anglesey Weather – does it affect business?