Make new business contacts

Networking builds Business Contacts 

Do you want any of the following?

  1. Build confidence & trust in your business.
  2. Renew your enthusiasm and passion for what you do!
  3. Fine tune what you say to potential customers.
  4. Get your business better known in Anglesey, Bangor and North Wales
  5. Put a face to the names of people you’ve heard of, but not yet met…

You get lots of  benefits when you come to a Dragon Trade & Business Club networking event. That’s why the people usually want to come to another one!

Our venue gets FULL of local trades people and  self employed business owners so it’s important to BOOK  your place. Give Andrea a call on 07834 183 590, or drop her an email today, to reserve your seat at our next event!

You’ll develop business relationships and find new Business contacts at Dragon Business networking events.

If you’d like to know more about advertising your business in the Your Local Dragon Contact us




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