Find the businesses to Win £100…

Enter our Find the Businesses competition and win! When you get your Local Dragon Directory be sure to look for our competition where you can win £100 before Christmas! When you get your copy through your door, simply look through it to find the answers to the 2 questions on our competition page. You can… Continue reading Find the businesses to Win £100…

Preparing for Business Networking

Preparing to meet other business owners at a Business Networking event Here are a few things to remember when you’re going to a business networking event: What are you going to say? Work out a rough idea what your key messages are. Who are the best types of customers for your business? You might want… Continue reading Preparing for Business Networking

Make new business contacts

Networking builds Business Contacts  Do you want any of the following? Build confidence & trust in your business. Renew your enthusiasm and passion for what you do! Fine tune what you say to potential customers. Get your business better known in Anglesey, Bangor and North Wales Put a face to the names of people you’ve… Continue reading Make new business contacts

Planning workloads for small businesses

When you think you’ve got your workload under control something crops up and the rest of the day is wasted… Is this what happens to you? Let me explain how I deal with time Each day I set myself a maximum of 6 most important tasks to complete,  and it goes like this… You set down… Continue reading Planning workloads for small businesses

A little inspiration

  “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated ” Confucius             People who advertise their business in Your Local Dragon find they get more enquiries month after month – and it’s simple. Call us on 07834 183 590 or 01407 860821 or email to find… Continue reading A little inspiration

3, 2, 1!! don’t miss out on networking!!

Only 7 days to the Speed Networking at Tafarn y Rhos We’ve got only 6 places left There are 5 people who orgainsed the event We have 4 rows of business people on the tables Only 3 more events are planned during 2013 This is the 2nd Dragon Trade and Business Club Speed Networking event Don’t be the 1 who didn’t get to meet local businesses…   Contact… Continue reading 3, 2, 1!! don’t miss out on networking!!

Self-employed or own a small business?

Get Motivated  with the Dragon! We all know that customers don’t usually just come knocking on the door – even when you’ve got a great product or a fantastic service. You have to let them know! Here are 2 things you can do that are cost effective and easy to do! 1) The simplest one… Continue reading Self-employed or own a small business?

Anglesey Business Networking Update…

The advertising for this event seems to have worked a treat! We’re very pleased to say that the Speed Networking event scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday 21st Feb)  at Tafarn y Rhos is fully subscribed with 55 trades and business people now booked in. It’s been great talking to all the people who are attending –… Continue reading Anglesey Business Networking Update…