Preparing for Business Networking

Business people meeting for the first time
Networking at our events is good for local trade

Preparing to meet other business owners at a Business Networking event

Here are a few things to remember when you’re going to a business networking event:

  1. What are you going to say? Work out a rough idea what your key messages are.
  2. Who are the best types of customers for your business? You might want to mention them in your conversations.
  3. Check you have the correct venue time & be sure you know where you are going & arrive  on time. There’s only 1 thing  worse than being late – not being there at all!
  4. Business cards & flyers – be sure you have SOMETHING to give to people,  or you could be wasting your precious time.
  5. A listening ear – people like people who listen.
  6. Don’t try to sell! Networking is about relationship building NOT direct selling.
  7. Follow up on your conversations with a phone call or an email but don’t try to sell!

Please remember, business networking is about developing trust – a business relationship may follow in its own good time, and it’s more likely when you keep in touch.

The Dragon Trade and Business Club are due to host their next Speed Networking event at Tafarn y Rhos on Anglesey, on  26th September 2013.  If you’d like to know about similar events, or advertising in the Your Local Dragon directories,  please contact us by leaving a comment & email address on our  CONTACT US page.




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