Bank Holiday? Not when you’re self employed!!

Don’t get me wrong..

I LOVE Bank Holidays!

But I’ve gone and done it again. After struggling for nearly 12 months on a makeshift ‘desk’ (a board across two filing cabinets) I went a bit mad this week and ordered myself a new (flat-packed) desk.

And it’s just arrived. Two huge boxes of nuts, bolts and chipboard, waiting for me to get started. So tonight, rather than a nice chilled out start to an extended weekend, it’s unplugging and detaching the computer and printer, shifting the stack of files & goodness knows what from under my ‘desk’,  and hoovering away the nice collection of fluff that’ll have accumulated behind the cabinets in the year since I moved into this office

Office files
Typical bank Holiday.
Re-organising the office..

And  for the rest of the weekend? Building the desk…

Why is it I always seem to re-arrange my office, or catch up with my accounts or go to marketing seminars  or something when it’s a Bank Holiday weekend!?!

With a bit of luck I’ll be finished by tea time on Monday!

Happy Holidays from one of the Dragons!

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