Local Advertising Secrets

Word of mouth is no longer enough. For many, the days are gone when builders had six month waiting lists for big jobs, and customers were queuing up to spend their money on home improvement. Less jobs = less word of mouth referrals. And when you have fewer jobs your van is stuck on your drive instead… Continue reading Local Advertising Secrets

Thanks to Richard Branson

A very quick post. Richard Branson has taught us a big lesson. Even when it looks like you might have lost, don’t give up hope. If there’s a glimmer of hope – focus on it. And you could even get more free advertising!! Get the best advice you can, the support of as many people as possible… Continue reading Thanks to Richard Branson

The wrong way to save money

Whether you are self employed, run a small business or a huge corporation, cutting your spending in the WRONG places can seriously harm your business… Advertising. It’s an easy target. You might think cutting it won’t really affect your core business. After all, the people around Beaumaris, Menai Bridge, Llangefni, Bangor and Holyhead already know your… Continue reading The wrong way to save money

Bank Holiday? Not when you’re self employed!!

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE Bank Holidays! But I’ve gone and done it again. After struggling for nearly 12 months on a makeshift ‘desk’ (a board across two filing cabinets) I went a bit mad this week and ordered myself a new (flat-packed) desk. And it’s just arrived. Two huge boxes of nuts, bolts and chipboard,… Continue reading Bank Holiday? Not when you’re self employed!!

Anglesey Show

A date for your Diary … from Your Local Dragon Directories The Anglesey Show has grown to be the major showground event in the North Wales calender. With around 60,000 people expected to attend the event over 2 days it brings tourism and local community together in a celebration of farming and equestrian life. It is… Continue reading Anglesey Show

Attractor Factor -part 3- Chris Cardell

Analysis is important… Knowing where your customers are most likely to come from makes it easier for you to decide how to get your message to them.  It’s no use putting an advert in a national newspaper if  the people who use your services need to be located within a 20 mile radius of your… Continue reading Attractor Factor -part 3- Chris Cardell

Attractor Factor – Part 2- Networking

Networking Whether it’s chatting in the pub, on the golf course, in Zumba class or formal networking, talking to people about what you do is a good way of attracting new customers and improving your confidence You can improve your customer base by using a variety of marketing avenues so along with advertising in Your… Continue reading Attractor Factor – Part 2- Networking

The Attractor Factor – part 1-signwriting

Signwriting your vehicle… Excuses people use for NOT doing it: It costs too much I think it might affect my insurance It’ll affect the resale price of my vehicle People will know who I am wherever I go Don’t want my tools pinched I never go anywhere in it It’s not relevant for my business….… Continue reading The Attractor Factor – part 1-signwriting

New Bangor directory

New Bangor Area directory gives regular advertisers a boost… Around 6,000 households in and around Bangor have had their first Your Local Dragon directory posted through their letterboxes. The villages of Bethesda, Tregarth and Llanfairfechan are included within the new Bangor area, creating a good mix of housing type for better response rates. A number of… Continue reading New Bangor directory