Anglesey Weather – does it affect business?

A beautiful sunny day on Anglesey – does the weather make a difference to your business?

Throughout the year, the reasons for the ups and downs for calls, sales or jobs, can often be forgotten. Especially if it’s the weather that brought in – or prevented – the calls.

Roundwood tree Surgeon advert for Your Local Dragon
Roundwood Tree Surgeons- being included in Your Local Dragon works!

As a roofer or a tree surgeon, a windy,  rainy spell will usually lead to an immediate increase in calls, and as a landscape gardener, on a cold wintry day on Anglesey or Gwynedd, people are more likely to pick up the phone and ask you to price up the cost of new decking, mend a garden fence, or create a patio or pond.

However, it’s only going to happen if they easily find YOUR number when they decide they need you – and this is the key to getting those calls whatever the weather!

The businesses advertising in Your Local Dragon realise this, and over 90% of them leave their advert running, because being a regular advertiser in Your Local Dragon WORKS!

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