SMART Goals for Better Business!

Smart tactics to help you to stay ahead of other local business owners 

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Smart businesses choose Your Local Dragon to help them achieve their goals

Great customers service, fair pricing and logistical planning are all part and parcel of creating and maintaining your local business. Keeping a keen eye on the finances helps too!

Using a range of products such as online banking and call minding and answering services, can help you stay ahead of the rest.

If you’ve made some goals for your business for 2013 make them come true, by applying this simple SMART  template

SPECIFIC : a goal works best when you can put it into a nutshell – if someone asked you what your major business goal is for 2013 could you answer them in a clear concise way?

MEASURABLE : Attach a figure to your goals so you know when you’ve achieved it!! ‘Another ten  or more customers per month’ works better than  ‘More jobs per month’

ATTAINABLE : Can the goals be achieved with the resources –  time, money, energy – you can muster.

REALISTIC : Hard enough to be challenging but with desire, sacrifice and organisation is it achievable? In your heart of hearts, if you know your goal is a dream rather than a goal it’s pie in the sky and it will be unachievable – and you won’t give it your all.

TIMED : Frameworks will help you to achieve bigger goals. So decide WHEN you want your goal to be achieved and then, make smaller goals working back from your main goal to the present day, and give each smaller goal a deadline, so you can monitor progress towards your main aim.

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