Snow causes disruption to Business

What do you do when snow stops business?

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When you own your own business being forced to take unplanned time out because of snowy weather can cause havoc to time schedules, cash flow, customer service and productivity.

If you have a retail business or a catering business it can be especially devastating. Customers stay at home, staff can’t get in,  and heating bills soar.

When businesses are already operating on a shoestring, the added pressure of bad weather affecting trade can push overstretched budgets to their limits.

To help soften the effect of bad weather try to put a little bit by each week as a ‘rainy day’ cushion. Easy to say – not easy to do!

1) Explore borrowing options before you need them

2) Create a ‘rainy day’ fund

3) Catch up on admin or business planning that you can’t usually fit in

4) Talk to family and friends – don’t bottle things up.

The bad weather won’t last for long so try not to get overstressed, and use the time to rest and prepare yourself so you can get back into the swing of things full of energy and looking forward to the weeks ahead!

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