No Frills Business Networking.

Just bring business cards, and/ or flyers and plenty of energy and within 2 hours you’ll have even more! Swop business cards and spend 3 minutes talking and listening to each person, & before you know it you’ll be inspired, energised and have a pocketful of business cards & opportunities from our Speed Networking event.… Continue reading No Frills Business Networking.

The busiest January in years

“It’s already the busiest January we’ve had in years!!” Thats been the message we’ve been getting from many of our regular advertising clients. So what’s different this year?  Every cloud has a silver lining – although we don’t like wind and rain, the damage and havoc from the recent storms have meant an increase in… Continue reading The busiest January in years

Find the businesses to Win £100…

Enter our Find the Businesses competition and win! When you get your Local Dragon Directory be sure to look for our competition where you can win £100 before Christmas! When you get your copy through your door, simply look through it to find the answers to the 2 questions on our competition page. You can… Continue reading Find the businesses to Win £100…

Cartio Mon Photo Shoot

High winds at the Cartio Mon race track! So when the Dragon team arrived at the finish line for a Photo Shoot the chequered flag was really waving! We’ll let you know more in a few weeks time. The things you do when you run a small business! For now, we’d just like to say… Continue reading Cartio Mon Photo Shoot

Think Big – The Success of Menai Seafood Festival

When people work together it’s great But when people Think Big magic happens Giving out copies of directories, and  ‘Keep it Local’ postcards to people at the Menai Seafood Festival was such a pleasure for us dragons. It was great to see how well organised the festival was. (a few minor glitches but that’s to… Continue reading Think Big – The Success of Menai Seafood Festival

3 bright ideas for summer…

Take advantage of the sunny weather with our 3 tips for getting your Anglesey or Bangor  business noticed this summer… 1) More people want jobs doing when it’s sunny- be sure they pick you. Get noticed!! 2) Clean your tools, van or shop window so they’re shiny and bright – people notice! 3) Advertise in… Continue reading 3 bright ideas for summer…

If you had the money….

What would you spend it on? A new website? New vehicles? Staff? Equipment? Wouldn’t it be great!!! But in truth, would your business be more likely to succeed or fail with an injection of easy cash? True, you could grow your business easier and quicker with more backing, more money,  more capital, and your bigger dreams could… Continue reading If you had the money….

Networking in Bangor, North Wales

Local business owners agree that business networking can improve referrals from other local business owners and local trades people On the 11th December there’s an invitation to join in with some FREE Business Networking  from 6pm til 8.00 pm at the Management Centre, Bangor University. It’s an event organised by the Supplier Development Service who will be presenting… Continue reading Networking in Bangor, North Wales

Floods in North Wales

Local tradesmen help in the flood chaos – Please share this post to show your appreciation for those people who have been helping with the clean up… For the past 36 hours the rain & wind has caused havoc in Anglesey and  across North Wales.  The emergency services have been rescuing people who have been… Continue reading Floods in North Wales