Local Advertising Secrets

Word of mouth is no longer enough.

Local Dragon newsletters, created specifically  for our advertisers, include ideas and tips that can be like a ‘health check’ for your local business

For many, the days are gone when builders had six month waiting lists for big jobs, and customers were queuing up to spend their money on home improvement.

Less jobs = less word of mouth referrals. And when you have fewer jobs your van is stuck on your drive instead of being out on the road promoting your business.

But for some it has never been so good.

For some self employed people and local businesses new enquiries come in every month, because they’ve started to use NEW ways to stay ahead of the rest.

These new ways include habits, attitudes and  improved ways to promote their businesses. Many of these secrets cost your business very little other than your time to put into place.

Check out more articles in our Dragon Diary for easy-to-do ideas that can help your business. Some may seem obvious but we can all fall into bad habits!

The Your Local Dragon directories regularly encourage our advertisers on Anglesey and around the Bangor area to consider ideas that can improve local enquiry rates and increase profits, and many have already put some into practice in their day to day business routines.

Why not join them? To find out more Contact Us – You can message us on Facebook, email or phone us . We may be Dragons but we’re quite friendly!