Dragon Newsletter 2 – Value for Money

Here are some hints on how to make value for money help you to stay ahead of your competitors… Click Here to find out how Your Local Dragon can make your life easier if you’re a one man band, local service or tradesman  serving households on Anglesey or around the Bangor area of North Wales See… Continue reading Dragon Newsletter 2 – Value for Money

Time Management for small businesses

No one can ‘manage’ time. Time just happens! The ONLY thing we can hope to do is to manage ourselves and the use of our most precious, irreplaceable asset –  time ! Ways to make the most of your time when you’re self employed or run a small business: 1. If you do NOT yet have goals… Continue reading Time Management for small businesses

Improving enquiry rates – answerphones

When you’re a one man band and self employed, you simply can’t be doing everything – always. So when someone phones you and you’re on a roof, or in the middle of colouring someone’s hair, it’s not possible to answer the phone to an inbound enquiry. Most people don’t like speaking to answerphones, but they’re more… Continue reading Improving enquiry rates – answerphones