If you had the money….

What would you spend it on? A new website? New vehicles? Staff? Equipment? Wouldn’t it be great!!! But in truth, would your business be more likely to succeed or fail with an injection of easy cash? True, you could grow your business easier and quicker with more backing, more money,  more capital, and your bigger dreams could… Continue reading If you had the money….

Snow causes disruption to Business

What do you do when snow stops business? When you own your own business being forced to take unplanned time out because of snowy weather can cause havoc to time schedules, cash flow, customer service and productivity. If you have a retail business or a catering business it can be especially devastating. Customers stay at… Continue reading Snow causes disruption to Business

SMART Goals for Better Business!

Smart tactics to help you to stay ahead of other local business owners  Great customers service, fair pricing and logistical planning are all part and parcel of creating and maintaining your local business. Keeping a keen eye on the finances helps too! Using a range of products such as online banking and call minding and… Continue reading SMART Goals for Better Business!

Networking in Bangor, North Wales

Local business owners agree that business networking can improve referrals from other local business owners and local trades people On the 11th December there’s an invitation to join in with some FREE Business Networking  from 6pm til 8.00 pm at the Management Centre, Bangor University. It’s an event organised by the Supplier Development Service who will be presenting… Continue reading Networking in Bangor, North Wales

Floods in North Wales

Local residents hit by flooding in Conwy and Gwynedd It’s been a horrendous week for many people across North Wales with thousands of people affected by floods and hundreds of homes wrecked by the waters. As the weather settles it’s clean up time across the region and many of our tradesmen are still involved in… Continue reading Floods in North Wales

Floods in North Wales

Local tradesmen help in the flood chaos – Please share this post to show your appreciation for those people who have been helping with the clean up… For the past 36 hours the rain & wind has caused havoc in Anglesey and  across North Wales.  The emergency services have been rescuing people who have been… Continue reading Floods in North Wales

Roofs, Drains and other emergencies!

The local businesses in Your Local Dragon can help save the day!   When the wind is blowing a gale and the rain has been lashing down for days on end, repairs to roofs, drains and other damage can become emergencies and can be a source of hardship and despair for householders on Anglesey and… Continue reading Roofs, Drains and other emergencies!

Local Advertising Secrets

Word of mouth is no longer enough. For many, the days are gone when builders had six month waiting lists for big jobs, and customers were queuing up to spend their money on home improvement. Less jobs = less word of mouth referrals. And when you have fewer jobs your van is stuck on your drive instead… Continue reading Local Advertising Secrets

Thanks to Richard Branson

A very quick post. Richard Branson has taught us a big lesson. Even when it looks like you might have lost, don’t give up hope. If there’s a glimmer of hope – focus on it. And you could even get more free advertising!! Get the best advice you can, the support of as many people as possible… Continue reading Thanks to Richard Branson